how to meet a girl


The second most important question after the question «Where to meet a girl?» is the question » How to meet a girl?». And here begins the most acute problem for all men who at least ever in their lives met women. And all this is due to the fact that, unfortunately, this science has not been taught anywhere before. People put it down to luck, conduct, and anything else, but not to competent actions during Dating. We also want to recommend you to meet a girl on the site meet girls online

Most percent of men have a feeling of insecurity when meeting a girl. They do not know what to say when they meet, how to behave during the acquaintance itself, thereby putting them in a losing position in advance. Although if they just walked up to a girl and said the simple and painfully familiar word «Hello» to her, and added a few real compliments to it, then no girl would send a guy during Dating.

First of all, when Dating a representative of the fair sex, you need to pay her attention to your person. After all, if You, for some reason, did not draw the girl’s attention to yourself, then it is not about what acquaintance we can not talk about. Because of this, the Foundation of any successful Dating is three giant bricks, such as: a neat and attractive appearance, confident demeanor, and of course a beautiful speech.

When approaching a girl, it is worth remembering that there is nothing wrong if she refuses to meet you, because there are still a huge number of beautiful and attractive girls around You.

If You want to learn all the subtleties and features of Dating and seduction in the shortest possible time, clearly know what words you need to say to a girl when Dating, how to approach a girl correctly and how to look at the moment of Dating by reducing the rejection of girls to a minimum, then visit Dating sites. High-quality bot program for marriage agencies will select you the ideal candidate for the role of the bride.

Here are some interesting facts about Dating women:

for 55% of women, the initial impression of a man approaching her is based on sign language. A woman looks at how a man moves, what his posture is, what he is wearing and how neat he is.
38% of women pay attention to the way a man talks to her. What is the timbre of his voice, how fast or slow he speaks.
and only 7 % of the fair sex pay attention to what a man says to her.
From the above we have already understood that when meeting a girl, you need to have an ideal posture, dress well, have a well-groomed hairstyle, etc. But this is only part of the success of Dating. Immediately there is the following not a little important question: what to say to the girl during Dating? And don’t forget about how to do it correctly.

First, you should pay attention to yourself at least just by saying Hello to her. Come up with some non-standard, but decent greetings. The girl will definitely pay attention to You and be interested in You.

Second, explain to the girl why You approached her. This way, you will remove the tension from the girl.

Third, pay her a compliment, but remember, the compliment must necessarily be sincere, not fictional. Thus, you oblige her and lead her to positive emotions, which repeatedly increases the percentage of your success during Dating.

Take the situation when the girl is not alone. Well, for example with a friend or parents. In such cases, the first thing we do is still turn to the girl, but we always ask what is the name of her companion or parents? After that, we give them a compliment, for example, «what a charming daughter they raised!». If a friend is nearby, we just say what a charming companion accompanies her.

Of course, you should also prepare for the fact that you will meet your fate somewhere in a store, transport or entertainment place, such as a concert, theater or disco. It is easier to get acquainted here, because there is a direct context for Dating.

And finally the final stage of Dating, taking the coordinates and naturally explaining the reason why you take them. So that the girl understands exactly that you intend to invite her on a further date and that she made the right choice.

Taking a phone number from a girl is a mandatory procedure, because if she does not leave her koofrdinates, then the meaning of your acquaintance will disappear into thin air. Do not despair if the girl does not leave a mobile number, but for example a Skype or ICQ number, because perhaps she just lives in a different city and in order not to pay for roaming, she gives you this option.